Pastor Jeff Lawson

These are the random thoughts and brief devotionals that I have written over the course of the past several years. New passages will continue to be added. This blog is a work in progress and I hope to add material to it regularly.

About Me:

After close to 30 years of being in church ministry, I changed hats and now am a chaplain. There are a lot of similarities between a chaplain and a pastor. Both are important ministry work. The major difference is when it comes to the legalities that fall from HIPAA rules and patient privacy…I’m learning. For several years I wrote all of my devotionals on Facebook. I’m changing that up and will attempt to load my devotionals here where I have a little more control. I hope that it is a blessing to you. Please take a moment as you read the entries to leave a comment. This will aid me in tracking if this is beneficial to folks or not.

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